Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Put Feces In Bed

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to battle it out in a UK court amid the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” actor’s libel case against “The Sun” newspaper. The 57-year-old reportedly claimed that after his former wife defecated in their bed as a prank, he decided to end the marriage—not the other way around. Both actors are expected to testify during the three-week trial, per NBC News.

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33 responses to Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Put Feces In Bed

  1. It was a disgusting thing to do. I have never in my entire life heard of anyone doing that before. AH is the abuser and I hope JD wins the case.

  2. You can put fake poo in the bed that’s what you call a prank if you actually put real poo in the bed how the fuck do you call that a prank

  3. Suddenly the world has forgotten what a prank is and whenever someone actually DOES do something they call it a prank, let me tell you that is no prank when you do a prank it’s meant to be pretend or fake if you actually do the thing you’re planking the person about that’s no prank that’s the real thing

  4. Lots of things said, fingers pointed back and forth, money swinging one way and the other, corners of their mouths pointing down, accusations flying, cursing, incident of excreta in a shared bed.
    If looks could kill!
    I wouldn't subscribe to this with a 12 foot long pole! Forget it!

  5. Honestly I think Jonny is innocent, like I don't believe if he actually was abuser he will be going through all of this, getting all his issues out there in the public for nothing. He doesn't need it, but he is fighting so hard to prove his innocence

  6. I always crap all over the house and blame it on the dogs my wife still hasnt figured out its me once I crapped in the toaster mwahahahaha

  7. I think Amber Heard Plotted from the first day she met Johnny Depp to Take him for every dime he had and to further her career! Heard is a green eyed SNAKE in the GRASS! Johnny was an easy target for her because he was in a vulnerable position mentally and physically with his drug and alcohol addictions and his abuse as a child and plus his mom was sick and she died 2 days before Amber Heard showed pictures to all the world and accused Johnny of being a wife beater!

  8. I love Johnny Depp but it seems that maybe some important parts of that conversation are missing…??? From this little bit it seems he knows how to get under her skin and she's stuck in a constant state of reaction. Too bad the media has to jump in & add fuel to the fire. I hope they can get their difference sorted out soon & move along peacefully.

  9. Look at her smiling and waving. What a psycho. Let’s not forget she took advantage of real victims of abuse and took advantage of being a woman to falsely accuse a man of abuse knowing nobody would believe him only because he’s a man… at least she can start up an onlyfans account.


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