Is Demon Slayer Getting a Timeskip? [Chapter 201 Spoilers]

A Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 201 Discussion.

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THIS is why I Love Demon Slayer. where the heck is Gotouge going with Kimetsu no Yaiba. Are we going to hit a timeskip with Tanjiro as the new villain and Nezuko a human demon hybrid and mastering the breath of Sun herself for the sole purpose of slaying her own brother? I mean maybe. Who’s to say. Maybe Tanjiro will die with dignity in the next chapter to neatly bookend this series, not to say that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m praying the bloodshed will continue.Happy endings are for suckers.

It feels like we’re at the crux, the apex, the point of no return and where Gotouge can solidify Demon’s Slayers position in the hall of fame, and her shot is now.

Cast your mind back to Death Note (Spoilers). We were enthralled with some of the best written diametrically opposed characters with on-screen chemistry we couldn’t get enough of. And then they killed L. Halfway through the run’s entirety. a swing, and a miss.

Now what’s to say that we’re only half way through Demon Slayer, and the protagonist we have been stanning this entire time, this pure, empathetic, kill you with kindness boy, becomes humanity’s worst nightmare?

Would it be out of Gotouge’s writing style to do this? Absolutely hecking not. Gotogue, my kindred spirit LOVES despair and tragedy.

The first episode was a story centering on Taniiro having all of his loved ones bled dry. And you know there has been more loss of life and heartbreak. Sabito and Makomo, Shinobu and Kanae, Tokitou and his twin brother, Genya, there are tons.

Demon slayer has always been a tale of how criminally short life can be and how easily you loved ones can be taken from you. That and well a story of Demon’s ripping out peoples throats.

On the off chance you haven’t seen Chapter 201 yet, I’ll give you a brief 10 second summary, as not to detract from my usual Friday full chapter breakdown coming tomorrow.

The growth on Tanjiro’s head was a chunk of Muzan’s cells and apparently this was Muzan’s plan C. That is, C for Cling to life. And If Muzan’s physical form must die, then at the very least his will must live on. The Demon slayers must be slaughtered and the sun must be conquered.

And whether or not my words carry enough weight to have you shook to your bones or not. The first panel when Tanjiro opens his eyes will. That piercing demon eye’d gaze, exactly the same as Nezuko’s not so long ago.

And you’re probably asking, a timeskip? Are there enough avenues left to explore in this story without turning it into Boruto 2.0? And the answer is yes yes yes. Who’s to say that the doctor that treated Muzan with the spider lilli medicine hadn’t treated similarly sickly = people turning them into a demon to live and torment the world for over 1000 years. We first saw Muzan in Asakusa, but the world is bigger than just Tokyo, and much bigger than just Japan. As mentioned Muzan’s reign was over a thousand years, now thats a long time he could have set other plans into motion. And I can’t wait to find out.

This was anime fried chicken, thanks for watching. I’ll be making a full chapter review for Kimetsu no Yaiba 201 tomorrow and I’ll make a couple more Demon slayer Videos over the next couple of days discussing and predicting all things demonic Tanjiro. Thanks for stopping by, subscribe for more videos to your feed, and I’ll catch you guys next time. Cheers.


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27 responses to Is Demon Slayer Getting a Timeskip? [Chapter 201 Spoilers]

  1. My excitement for this twist is toned down massively in the video. This is some fanfic level hype I didn't think Gotouge would dare try to pull off.

    200 more chapters.

  2. Honestly this new arc is pretty exciting if you ask me. Well will see an explanation on the blue spider lily and since Tanjiro has Muzan’s memories we will get to see his full backstory! (How he got sick, etc). I can’t wait for this journey because we will see who will be the next pillar (or if there is any) and what is the point of the rankings in pillars, and how did breath form (how did someone discover the breath?). Also we will get to see more interactions! People ship Nezuko x Zenitsu and Aoi x Inosuke (etc), I really love these ships but the characters barely talk to each other and maybe we will get to see how the characters feel towards each other. Also how will Kanao mange the losses she just saw? Will she become distant with the butterfly estate helpers or will she join the Kamaboko squad to help Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke to turn Tanjiro back into a human. Also when Tanjiro turns other innocent people into demons will Nezuko collect their blood just like Tanjiro did to Nezuko? This new arc his hype and seriously I have a lot more conspiracy theories to talk about, but I’m really tried since it’s 12:32 for me.

  3. I could definitely see them trying to continue the story seeing as how the government doesn't know that demons exist

  4. I really don’t think this is a new arc people are really jumping the gun a new arc would be overkill I think this is just Muzans last ditch effort and of course shonen plot armor to give tanjiro his eye and arm back y’all seem to forget that they have the demon cure plus Nezuko will most likely snap him out of his rage and bring the story full circle for an ending with tanjiro alive

  5. tanjiro: i like ur offer muzan but either way, this is a shonen so i will have to hee hee ur ass outta here with the power of friendship and my pretty op flashbacks

  6. Mikeal No Jakutson : You were the true king of Pop, takes my hat Tanjiro and makes my dream true. A demon who can moonwalk during the night like the day.

    Also :

    Giyuu (near Tanjiro) : Why do i hear a pop music.

  7. I really wanna see the interactions between human nezuko and zenitsu so curious to how thats going to go..hopefully it works out well…..we will probably get a time skip as well i cant see demon slayer ending that quick witth a major event like that..maybe there will be one more arc where nezuko travels with zenitsu and the boar guy to find the blue spider lilly for tanjiro

  8. I also think the same way
    Here's my theory

    Tanjiro's humanity and memories gone on his body and became the new demon king but his humanity was battling Muzan in afterlife,after defeating him,he returns his humanity and memories to his body but he realized that it's already 3-5 years timeskio where Zenitsu, Inosuke,and even Nezuko became a pillar fighting him and his new demon army..

    Is this cool?comment below for discussion

  9. But at the same time, Muzan was able to have his human memories still so I wonder if Tanjiro will still have his memories.. Nezuko was also turned into a demon but she never ate a human. Tanjiro already walked down the wrong path and is his weak spot the neck? Because muzan passed down everything to tanjiro making him the real demon king. Can’t he also heal by sleeping? I hope he starves himself or somethin cause my sweet Tanjiro, I can’t imagine him like a frickin demon. He’s too sweet and nice for that lol. Can’t wait until chapter 202 releases

  10. As Nezuko is now human, she will become the new main character. The storyline is perfect. It will be her duty to kill Tanjiro, the new Demon King !


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