Interview with Jim Willie; Key Fracture Points that Will Break EU, Collapse the Dollar

Recorded October 7th, 2014
Broadcast live out of Crescent City, CA on October 13th
at KFUG 101.1FM and streaming at

Jim Willie is editor of the Hat Trick Letter report at

He earned a PhD in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, worked 5 years at corporate headquarters of Staples focused upon forecasting and sales analysis, retail models, seasonality estimation, marketing effects, price elasticity analysis. During his time at Staples, the company quadrupled in revenues and store count nationwide.

2001 Private consulting
2003 focused exclusively on the US and world economies, financial markets, currencies, and the commodity fields. Gold and energy have been a prime focus.

Mr Willie’s website, “The Golden Jackass” is designed to inform and instruct in the complex ways of gold, currencies, bonds, interest rates, stocks, commodities, futures, derivatives and the world economy, with no respect shown for inept bankers and economists, whose policies and practices contribute toward the slow motion degradation, if not destruction, of the financial world.

The website provides an ongoing source of excellent articles written by other authors, who make significant contributions to the above mentioned topics, in addition to a collection of news briefs filled with critical data. A minimum of tools are also made available for monitoring charts of important series, such as the USDollar, gold, the CRB index, and the US$ money supply.


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24 responses to Interview with Jim Willie; Key Fracture Points that Will Break EU, Collapse the Dollar

  1. Russian Central bank was stalled in Yeltsin's time by Rothschild/s agents and they work against Putin right now: that's who does all currency speculation against Russian Ruble. They work against Russia both from outside in, and from inside out as well! I am not sure Putin is ready to take Rothschilds on economically right now. He can oppose them military, even with nuclear weapons, but can he oppose them financially?

  2. they drink so much fluoride and heavy metals in the water  I think they have gone  completely coo coo for coco puffs what will  Americans do there is so much crime and gnashing  of teeth already in America when this pops  the country will be in  full blown psycho territory  the US govt thinks  so they bought billions of  hollow point cartridges
    death will sweep America  on a fairly large scale I predict

  3. 1:31  He's not projecting, he's promoting the collapse of the USA, the West and Israel.  We need solutions, not promoters of our collapse.  His pessimistic view point is self-destructive.  Don't be suicidal.  In other words, don't drink his cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.  Remember the foolish members of the "People's Temple" who drank his cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in Jonestown in 1978.  We don't have to collapse.  Russia and Red China (and the allies of Russia and Red China) want our collapse to occur.  I only embrace solutions!!  Let's not collapse.  Don't embrace the naysayers who are trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of collapse.  Support our recovery, don't thwart our recovery or there will be no recovery.  Our demise is not mandatory.  We don't have to be losers.  Our potential is unlimited.  Utopia is realistic if we work for Utopia!!  Be constructive!!  Don't let our future be destroyed by those who want you and me to give up hope!!

  4. Entire neighborhoods being bought out by the Chinese and "foreign carpet baggers"(??) or are they being bought by the banks? I would suspect a combination of both. Certainly the banks that are holding paper asswipe and can print "ad finitum" would prefer to buy real estate and hard assets with their paper.

  5. Stile … u mean the Russians that bought into the soviet zio jewish atheist takeover utilizing the useful idiot cossacks to overthrow the czar. Yeah those russians want the jews out … forever. After 80 years of deprivation the russian orthodox church has emerged from the underground. Putins a born again and hates the loss of national sovereignty to the soros rothschild NWO elites. Soros is another atheist zio jew … his own words and bio. Russians are used to going without and making do. Give those boys in RI a run on being thrifty. Unlike US boomer skippers the russian skippers can launch without kremlin authorization if lost contact. Just sayin….

  6. Germany will move over to Russia, however the eastern half of the balance of power will fall, politically, due to an act of God, when they come down to take Israeli resources. This will initiate the one world govt. The Bible doesn't say what will happen to gold/silver or the USA, but this will happen. You might want to follow the Messiah in the all time greatest trade– your own sin for His righteousness. Time will prove this to be the most self-loving thing you'll ever do.

  7. Willie is usually right, but the problem is, he believes what he wants to believe. So you cannot trust what he says because he has a wild imagination. That's not to say he's wrong – it's just to say you can't trust him.

  8. Why don't the White Knights-White Hats', Genuine 'Good Guys' of America, 'deal with the Rothschilds? As it 'Take Them Out'!!! It's not like they don't deserve it, or 'Arrest them', at the least.

  9. Norway to spend more oil cash to counter slowdown

  10. Deutsche Bank's Shocking Admission: "QE In Europe Will Be Ineffective"
    Bundesbank Blasts Draghi's QE, Fears "Monetary Policy Is Hostage To Politics"

  11. YPF, Gazprom in Talks for $1 Billion Deal, Minister Says

  12. No new debt for Germany in 2015, first time since 1969

  13. The US was/is being destroyed by design.  This has been on going from one presidential administration to the next.  Teamwork.  Fukushima was a man made disaster.   False flags are constant.   Phony bailouts one after another.  Illegal wars constant.  Why are the American people so blind to this?  It is all in plain sight.  Our Gov gave China our economy.  It may be China that stops all the manipulations in the precious metals market.  Why has all this corruption been allow to go on for so long.  The US Congress is fully supporting the destruction of the US. 

  14. Listening to your show at 22:49 United Kingdom time. Here we go with another trenchant delivery from the indefatigable Dr.Jim. Thanks!


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