Insightful human portraits made from data | R. Luke DuBois

Artist R. Luke DuBois makes unique portraits of presidents, cities, himself and even Britney Spears using data and personality. In this talk, he shares nine projects — from maps of the country built using information taken from millions of dating profiles to a gun that fires a blank every time a shooting is reported in New Orleans. His point: the way we use technology reflects on us and our culture, and we reduce others to data points at our own peril.

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47 responses to Insightful human portraits made from data | R. Luke DuBois

  1. 2:58 to 3:13 sounds reaaally weird. just listen to that bit. listen to it again. just close your eyes and listen. it sounds weird :))

  2. I can't help but feel so much more could be done using data and tech, I hope more is done in useful ways, Maybe streamline the process by using a couple Contextual voice prompts with DeepBlue or AlphaGo to generate Code.

  3. I always knew the TV show "Person of Interest" was not fiction. What do you think the Quantum computers are going to be used for? This level of "Facial Recognition" needs massive quantitative power. Mounted on a Google barge and uses the deep ocean as a heat dump get rid of the heat to cool the chip to near Absolute Zero. Think TriNomial instead of BiNomial. Add one more, QuadNomial, and you can program life. GATC.

  4. My life has just been enriched. DuBois is genius, probably the first time I've had the pleasure of realising genius in plane sight.

  5. This is very cool. But I just have to point out Gig is a place name. That dot is very near Gig Harbor. (Sound for Olympia is also a reference to a place). We like our music almost as much as our heartbreak but apparently don't talk about it on dating profiles 🙂

  6. Great video! Thanks to Mr DuBois for speaking in an inviting and engaging way about his art. Too many 'modern' artists are insulated from the public and hide the processes of their 'genius' behind opaque terminology to make it sound profound. Mr DuBois demonstrates that art is about revealing human nature in surprising and thought-provoking ways. Profound, but not pretentious. More TED on art please!

  7. i went to his exhibition at OCMA last winter and i wish i'd seen this TED talk before i went because i would've appreciated and understood it a lot more.

  8. I doubt all those thousands of people on Instagram taking selfies in times square gave him permission to use their photo.

  9. There was a pic of a minion from despicable me in the flow of pictures at 11:49 the middle row third column to the left

  10. I'd like to see the piece where every type of invisible illumination is presented as a time laps of mechanical reactions. And more.


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