In a Hairstyle Rut? Welcome to Cute Girls Hairstyles!

A mother to 6 beautiful children and a fan-certified hair ninja! If you are looking for cute hairstyles that can be done in less than 5 minutes, this is the place… prepare for compliments!

Of the 6 children, 5 of them are girls, including my 2 oldest who are twins, Brooklyn and Bailey { Welcome to our CGH family and enjoy our 200+ hairstyles!



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20 responses to In a Hairstyle Rut? Welcome to Cute Girls Hairstyles!

  1. Love your channel keep making good ones and please can u do a hairstyle for school as I am always in a
    rush and need to do something fancy with my hair many thanks for your biggest biggest biggest fan

  2. I had no clue how to create unique styles and really wished these styles were known when my daughters were younger. Oh well Better late than never, now I can try them on the grandbabies. Thank you for your channel.

  3. Its reaaly awsome im a huge fan of cutegirlshairstyles and brooklyn and bailey i love the braids i was like gonna die when i saw your videos cauze the braids are so nice preety and awsome!

  4. So happy to find your channel. After years and years of short hair I finally grew it out and have been wanting to play around with it.
    Your channel is a wonderful resource; you and your hairstyles are just lovely.


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