How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

to buy your own wireless charging kit!
You guys have been asking me for a long while now – Is it possible to add wireless charging to an older iPhone? Could you add wireless charging to an iPhone 7 or even a 6s? But it sounded pretty hard, so I held off. But I recently got a twitter DM from a Chinese guy named Yeke, who said he’d designed a circuit board (flex PCB) to do just this. So of course I had to go meet him, and try it for myself, which of course started me on an unexpect journey through the cell phone world of Huaqiangbei…

What are all the parts you need to build an iPhone?

Watch me add a headphone jack to an iPhone 7


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28 responses to How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

  1. I just released the full interview with Yeke as a separate video, if you'd like to hear more about how he came up with this idea, and developed it into a finished product:

  2. Olá meu brother acompanho seus vídeos e são muito top parabéns, me diz uma coisa ainda é possível comprar um kit desses???

  3. I'm literally having the same problem of it charges wirelessly, but only if I have something plugged into the lightning port. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. I have a question: Which translation app did you use at the beginning of the video? Google Translator is probably not possible.

  5. I live in Japan and want to make the apple mark on iPhone 7 shine.
    The kit was sold on Amazon, but it's gone
    I can't do it somehow.
    Because it is Google translation, English may be strange, but I would appreciate it if you could reply.


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