How to win friends & get apartments.

By Bac Carnegie.



00:00 HCM statue
00:34 The apartment room
05:37 The accountant arrives
7:50 Accountant says Bac Thanh looks like Lien 😂😂😂
9:42 “She’s really intelligent right?”
10:54 Troy is not the father
14:22 Lien has two sons
21:49 Accountant with heart of gold
22:28 “Can I ask you a favour?”
23:45 No litterbugs!
27:08 Bac Thanh tells aunt to hurry up 🤣


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41 responses to How to win friends & get apartments.

  1. OK just FYI Troy , I do comment negatively about BT, and I do that for two reasons (because i dont normally comment on any other channel). Reason number one is that I dont really like her core characteristics and I think she does more bad than good, not necessarily on purpose but that's how she comes across to me . The second reason is because I like you, I think you are a good guy with a good heart and my commenting on your page is a way (small way) of helping with the youtube algorithm to promote your channel more.

  2. All this still beats the hell out of any Korean soap opera, and with positive results. 🇻🇳👀👍

  3. That kid spend half hour of his life watching his mom make a legal contract. OF COURSE GIVE HIM THE CHANGE LMAO.

  4. Troy, in all honesty…with all the trials and efforts it took to get there, I think you did an amazing job in this and the food giveaway to the mountain children. You put all your personal glory behind you and did what it took to get the kids some things they needed. Let those who need to be admired, be admired like BT. Get the children what they need and let the rest come out in the wash, and that is what you did. You showed everything, no holds barred. Well done.

  5. why doesn't lien's sister vouch for her (lien) at the government office in order to create a proper ID for her. isn't that doable? it would make life easier for all

  6. you were lucky to met this accountant lady just from her face we can see that she is a good heart person she was so understandable and helpful.

  7. Thing about Bac Thanh is she knows when to talk and when to shut up. She’ll nudge things along if necessary, but if the pieces are falling into place she quietly lets them fall. Lien’s sister has no idea. Anyway, the accountant is a gem. She read the mood of the room precisely. I wonder if her confusion about BT and Lien was because she’s seen Chau Anh at the shop so many times with Bac Thanh she subconsciously thought BT was the mum, without actually registering it.

  8. the accountant lady ask Troy where he is from. Troy answered… from Sai Gon, but subtitle it from Cambodia. So I am picking up some vietnamese language. just few more years I will be fluent.

  9. Hey, … hey ! I think Troy is the boyfriend and father ! …………………………………………………………………….😬😬😬

  10. Amongst the locals bt has earned respect and despite being a bit of a gloryhound, her heart is in the right place – give credit where credit's due. On the other hand many have witnessed Lien's fall from grace – from.a good admin position in the hydro electric company to being alone, homeless and abusive to anyone, anywhere. Even her sister is well aware of Lien's "sickness" asking the apartment manager to act as a mentor for CA, which is the responsibilty of the mother…..the sister would certainly beable to fill in the missing gaps in the whole saga as to how or what contributed to the position they are now in

  11. These are edited footages from “Apartment for homeless girl”, some are simultaneous re-runs . Cos Troy is clearing up space for his hard drive. Accountant: Is Troy here ? Troy: No ! Accountant: Where are you from ? Troy: Cambodia . Bak Ngoc: Some people thinks he is Lien’s boyfriend . Troy: Just say I am her boyfriend , its easier. Bradley Cooper lookalike: WTF ! I can’t stop laughing ! Good job, Troy !

  12. almost seems like troy is putting out this video after BT failed on the charity deal.
    makes BT look good again…
    you be the judge!

  13. This drama is interesting and yet annoying if you don’t have perseverance. The three ladies are amazing. You can see their maturity and understand of life. They communicate w one another w sense of compassion for Lien n CA. Only a mother knows what a mother feels.

  14. I’m glad you are cleaning your hard drive. These recent videos help explain why things happened as they did in the other videos.


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