How to find your PERFECT SENSITIVITY! Call of Duty Mobile

How to find your perfect sensitivity and setting in COD Mobile.
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Email – [email protected]
My Discord – Godzly#7826
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My Discord Server –
My Device –
Ipad Stand –
Finger Sleeves –
Microphone –
Background Light –
Studio Lights –
Webcams –
PC Only Headphones –
Mic Stand –
My Settings!
Speed Acceleration – 75
-Camera Sensitivity-
Standard = 80
ADS = 80
Tactical = 80
Sniper = 65
-Firing Sensitivity-
Standard = 100
ADS = 100
Sniper = 65
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35 responses to How to find your PERFECT SENSITIVITY! Call of Duty Mobile

  1. I just can’t use speed acceleration. I played distance accel as an smg player for a while but I just went back to fixed speed

  2. This glitch only happen in ranked I shot a guy a whole mag and form me only 2 shots I am down I thought I was the only 1 now I get it 😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Thanks for telling me about fixed speed no wonder why i cant keep my crosshair to moving target,now that i use fixed speed i feel like im using aimbot lol

  4. Bro I like the sensitivity of yours and now I can perfectly aims can you please show your sensitivity of yours battel royal 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. What does reset weapon aim do in the game when it's on? I can't really tell the difference whether if it's on or not.

  6. I think the only thing here thats wrong is speed accel, you shouldnt use it. even though at the end of the day its personal preference its not worth risking consistency for a shot that most likely wont hit

  7. Is Fixed speed fine for MSMC? I win almost every close range gun fights then this 1 sidekick pops up and kills me everytime i win close range gunfights
    Does anyone recommend Speed acceleration or Fixed speed for MSMC or does itactually depends on your own preference

  8. Hey Godzly can you check out autofire again I think they updated it or something but I seems to be alot faster than before thanks!

  9. I changed to gradually switch while ads'n … fixed all of my aiming issues
    Havent had much luck w speed acceleration.
    I'm staying w fixed


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