How To… Draw a Simple Box Plot in Excel 2010

Learn how to draw a Box Plot (also known and quartile or box and whisker plots) in Excel 2010. Excel does not have a tool to draw box plots, so you need to prepare your data into a format that can be used for the plot.


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39 responses to How To… Draw a Simple Box Plot in Excel 2010

  1. This is the best video I have ever seen in my life for making box plot. So precise and easily demonstrated.
    Thank you so very much

  2. you did not select "series 5" when drawing, so min error bar did by "percentage 100%", but the maximum error bar made by customizing " selecting the max. values".
    Do you think there would be any difference when we select all of the series, drawing error plot by selecting "percentage 100%" for both min max values? Is it possible?

  3. why did you add custom error bars for the minimum(bottom)? you did custom error settings for upper level but not for the min.? why? (you said percentile :100%?

  4. Thank you sir for this lesson, this was explained in a lot of detail with minimum effort, you simplified it for me to understand, no one else could explain it as well as you did. thank you

  5. Hi Genius, Thanks for your great video. But I have a question about the mean. Boxplot requires the mean as well but i think you missed them, don't ya?

  6. Thank you for creating and sharing this great tutorial video! I am a Graduate student conducting action research and I needed box plots to compare data side-by-side. My graphical displays look awesome thanks to your guidance! Thank you again!

  7. Thank you so much for this. You made it so simple to follow. One day Microsoft might include BoxPlot graphs in Excel but in the meantime this is great.


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