How to add Cross Platform Friends on Call of Duty Modern Warfare for CrossPlay (Easy Method)

Do you want to know how to add your friends on Xbox, Playstation, PC, MAC, or linux on your friends list on Call of Duty Modern Warfare??? In this years Call of Duty Crossplay with friends is possible and adding them on your friends list is just as easy! To add crossplatform friends first you will need the persons activision ID. Which will be displayed on the home screen on the upper right hand side. Where your name and level display.

The ID in full will be the name followed by # and a random number. Go to the social tab now and enter their name. A friend request will be sent to your friend. And make sure to go to the social tab again and accept any pending friend request you may have received. So adding cross platform friends on Call of Duty Modern Warfare for cross play is very easy! …

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24 responses to How to add Cross Platform Friends on Call of Duty Modern Warfare for CrossPlay (Easy Method)

  1. I had the exact same issue on the PS4!
    How i was able to see my friends in order to join a party, is to search and the add the person via the Activision name in the COD lobby!!! Solved my problem 😉

  2. so if anyone is like me and you went through all the steps and still couldn't get the #7364492(example number) to show up i will tell you what to do, go into account settings where it says to change your name, well i tried putting in my gamer tag multiple times like everyone said to do and still no Activision id number, so here is what i had to do, i had 2 name change tokens and i used one to change my name to just some random ass name i made up, and that new name showed up with the Activision number, then i used my 2nd gamer tag change token and paid to go back to my original name and when it switched back to the original it popped back up with the activision ID. i have been trying for quite a while to crack this riddle, i searched every vid, and forum and to no avail, finally i figured it out, hope this helps at least 1 other person,

  3. This did not help me out I tried all that and it's declining and the ones that do go through doesn't come through on the other side

  4. So I dont have any numbers after my name or a # I looked at my activation ID under account settings and my account ID does not include a # or numbers


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