How Do Watch Brands Market Their Product? | The Classroom S02: Episode 15

Branding and Marketing in the Watch Industry is interesting when broken down and analyzed. Big brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega don’t necessarily have to market their product the same as an independent brand or other big brands. Then there are big brands like Richard Mille, Hublot, and Audemars Piguet that have very different tactics for marketing their product. Having said that, let’s take a look at how marketing differs from brand to brand. Jon Callahan is here to help guide us through branding in the watch industry. Which brand’s tactics catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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25 responses to How Do Watch Brands Market Their Product? | The Classroom S02: Episode 15

  1. The margin on any watch is so high , people should know about it. There should be a disruption to this industry very soon once Chinese money gets serious about this industry, watch out SWATCH KEPING and CVC. Your Market Cap is nothing.

  2. why would I buy a watch that has been to the moon?? Am I going to the moon too ? is there something I don't know ??

  3. oh boy. where to begin? there is so much wrong with this youtube. it is obvious this guy did not study marketing.
    do not confuse most reputable brand with most known brands. i can name dozens of companies which are far more reputable then Rolex. thing is, all those companies (some with more net income then Rolex) are not well-known. also take into account who votes in the mentioned Time magazine yearly ranking.
    -also, if someone does orientate his or herself in watchmaking after they say win a lottery, they are likely not to spend their money on a Rolex
    the three brands you mention, in my mind, only differ because the price segment they are mostly oriented in
    -funny thing about that, if you pluck a random person from the street and show a Patek and ask how much they are willing to spend on it it will be lower then when you show them a Rolex
    how did Rolex become Rolex? hundreds of billions of euro's. on marketing
    Omega suffers from the one-trick pony (1st in space)
    -even you mentioned it first even though they have numerous other achievements
    there are so many things wrong with this youtube sorry to say
    – —
    think of it like this, whenever you go to SIHH for example, ask yourself this question: to which boot are you going first? or; which brands will you definitely want to check out? these are brands who have done their homewerk the best when compared to the rest.

    Hublot doing well on marketing? ask 100 random people of the street if they know the brand. i also highly doubt anyone who does own a Hublot who can name at least 2 technical innovations the brand has made
    AP. 1 trick pony. in this case, also a 'just another brand'
    PP. okay. now it is taken a turn for the surreal. you say it is easy whay they did. only, why dont other brands do it then. you know, the best branding happens with the consumers dont even knowing it happened

  4. Rolex is tops at marketing, nobody better. Charitable organization? I'm not convinced. RM? Yes private club, who can afford them? Panerai? Disappointing. Hublot? No positive opinion. AP is riding the coat tails of the Royal Oak, smart. Pattek? You can sum it up easily with 5711. Nice segment guys, thank you. 🎅🎅🎅

  5. pretty sure omega wasn't the first watch in space, wasn't it fortis? omega was the first on the moon though. Reason why its called first 'omega' in space.


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