Holistic Practitioners in Business: Lilou's Juicy Spiritual Marketing & Branding tips

Lilou is an entrepreneur having owned an Internet marketing Business and is the co-founder of “Co-Creating Our Reality: 100-Day Challenge” The community has over 7000 members in 140 countries. Following the Law of Attraction principal Lilou met Oprah Winfrey not just once, but 4 times after moving to Chicago. Soon after, she started her own inspirational TV show, originally called My Juicy Life and later titled Live a Juicy Life, in which she interviewed the authors of motivational, spiritual and self-help books, a practice she has continued on YouTube. Currently Lilou has nearly 9 million viewers and over 700 interviews and is one of the fasted growing Web TV Hosts globally.

Lilou’s mission is to create and host an international communication network to “inspire, motivate and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams” and to “help spread joy, freedom and personal awakening”. Currently Lilou resides “on the road” where ever the Juicy Living Tour guides her. and

interviewed by Anne Marie Pizarro
B.L.E.N.D stands for Bodyworkers, Lightworkers, Energyworkers Networking, Development, and Connection. We bring the business and technology world to the holistic practitioners and deliver information that they can understand and use.

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9 responses to Holistic Practitioners in Business: Lilou's Juicy Spiritual Marketing & Branding tips

  1. thanks for this inspirational… i have made article, please read >>>>>> bubblews.com/news/703438-new-rule-of-spiritual-marketing

  2. Thank you very much for this great interview! I am about to speak at the Indigo/ Chrystal children conference in Germany and these are just such encouraging words to make my 1st public presentation. Much love to you! ♥

  3. hey Lilou,
    I always watch you videos, and I particularly enjoyed you being interviwed (although the mic was still in your possesion haha). You said something that really touched me not only the business aspects but about you getting to work with two feet in and the universe supporting you, it really makes sense to me currently in my life.


    Mel from London; UK


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