Hidden Details of the New York Public Library | Architectural Digest

Noted historians serve as your personal audio guide through a virtual walking tour of the New York Public Library. Find out about hidden details of the famed NYC building as these expert reveal the history behind the Winnie the Pooh toys, the Rose Main Reading Room, the iconic lion statues Patience and Fortitude, the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, the Milstein Division, the map collection, the book train and more.

Special thanks to the Bryant Park Corporation. Special thanks to The New York Public Library.

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Hidden Details of the New York Public Library | Architectural Digest

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27 responses to Hidden Details of the New York Public Library | Architectural Digest

  1. Dad room used to be a storage room. Boom 80 I remember that between 83. 84 and used to be a storage for furniture and stuff. Actual memory Now they use it for weddings and other little activities. So that was a good idea to make that up. But he used to be a storage room for furniture tables and all that. I did it did a good job. Believe me. I know I've been there 38 years. I know I'm talking about. But it is a beautiful room.

  2. You know, I know the library from 1983 to 1984 and I'm still work there. I've been working there for 38 years. Is a beautiful libraries as good for children, and it's good for in adults and then it's good for college people and it's good for the people who's in college and people was the regular school program, but it's a beautiful building and been there for a long time. So I got about four more years to retire, but that's another story. Like I said, it is a beautiful building. Believe me. I work there. I know how it is. I will bring my grandchildren over there to the library. It keeps them a lot. That's my opinion.

  3. ive studied here so many times (its my favorite place in the city) but i haven’t been to many of the room showed here its crazy. Appreciate this kind of video! (and using the moonlight sonata as the BGM is really a nice touch)

  4. I have always been the type of person to like modern, minimalistic designs. You've managed to change my mind… I can't wait to visit New York once the quarantine is over!

  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/15/arts/design/new-york-public-library-unveils-317-million-master-plan.html


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