Bounty Rewards – Chance to win up to $2000 for Making Youtube Video

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In this video, I’ve shown the Easiest way to Earn Money from Mobile.

I have introduced you with Bounty Program which GeniusChange is currently offering
You can get paid from $5 – $2000 depending upon your Channel Quality (which Includes View Count, Number of Subscribers, Audience Engagement, etc.)

GeniusChange is a Cryptocurrency Mining site which Gives up to 105-115% returns on your Investments in 24 hours…
Watch my Detailed video on GC –

Signup Link –

I have added my Bounty Payment Proof in the video itself, watch the video for that part…

Investment can be done on all Major Crypto’s which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin
Other Methods include Payeer and Perfect Money

What’s even great is the Withdrawal Rate, it is just $0.002
So you can just withdraw the Returns which you go into your Crypto Exchange Wallet

Q.1) Is the Company Registered?
Yes, registered in London, Uk and I have shown the Registration Details in the Video

Q.2) How do they Give So many returns?
They invest in cryptocurrency and they have bots to perform the tasks

Q.3) Is the customer support good?
Yes. You can join the Telegram Channel and they give replies instantly (Tested)

Q.4) Do they have Hourly Intrest?
Yes. It ranges from 2.9% – 3.6%


As with any other business ventures, joining high yield investment programs is a very risky business. While hundreds of people are earning a good income with it, it’s not a guarantee that you too can make big money by engaging in these kinds of investment schemes.

Join HYIP programs only if you know exactly what you are doing and understand what kind of risks the program entails. When participating in these programs, it’s your sole discretion and responsibility to only use money that you know you can afford to lose.

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16 responses to Bounty Rewards – Chance to win up to $2000 for Making Youtube Video

  1. Geniuschange is a great site. Thanks for making a video about it. I am investing and I am very happy. And your videos are getting better each time

  2. GeniusChange is the most trustable and legit site which helps us to earn the money by making just small investment and has been living up to the expectations 😍

  3. Es un gran video de una gran aplicación , más que entendible en todos los idiomas y sobre todo en español , 100% genial

  4. Genius Change has really prove itself genuine. I have been investing with them and already making profits. Genius Change is one of the best Investment program I know.

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