EP7 | Lesson 9 Text | CS Discoveries | Unit 3 Animation and Game

Welcome to the Introduction to App Development! We begin this unit by examining the basics.
Lesson (Year 2020-2021), Unit 3 of Code.org’s CS Discoveries course. Each part challenges students to accomplish a new task while learning to code. In this video I walk through step-by-step how to get the right answer for this puzzle.


Also, take a look at my other code.org tutorials linked below.

Computer Science Principles (’20-’21)
CSP Unit 3 – Intro to App Design (’20-’21)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Apps

Lesson 2: Introduction to Design Mode

Lesson 3: Project – Designing an App Part 1

Lesson 4: Project – Designing an App Part 2

Lesson 5 The need of Programming Languages

Lesson 6 Intro to Programming

Playlist Of Code.org 2020-2021

Code.org website

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