Depp was ROBBED by the JUDGE and BY WARNER! But he's NOT DONE YET!

Depp was ROBBED by the JUDGE and BY WARNER! But he’s NOT DONE YET!


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26 responses to Depp was ROBBED by the JUDGE and BY WARNER! But he's NOT DONE YET!

  1. This is also about "woke" which is bad enough, but it is about giving the media the power to judge someone with out evidence. Why, because it sells papers, it lights up social media, and destroys reputations. It is ugly. I have listened to many of the tapes and l far as l am concerned, Amber is the abuser.
    She is physically and verbally abusive. I believe she wanted him to respond. What broke my heart was that Johnny wanted to believe she was sorry because he loved her. Yes, the relationship was toxic, but l can't believe that the court couldn't see who the instigator was.

  2. It is so weird that the judge from the case gets to decide first if a redo is warranted, what would yuou expect to happen ?
    Even though judges are supposed to be impartial, it should be another judge, and especially if a party has a very easy to explain reason, or extra info, it should really be a different judge.
    In this case the particular judge should even be fired, which is probably not possible, but he's nowhere near impartial nor did he do anything resembling a decent or good or honest job whatsoever.
    The case should not be appealed, the trial should be redone with a different judge. An honest one. Not with one caught in a web of lies and money and conflicts of interest.

    It is so weird to me that this entire farce is still going, concerning the judge, this case, and the AH/JD case, AH is manipulative, she's nuts, hateful, not right in the head, should not be working, should see a shrink, a good one.
    Such cases show that the justice systems are often quite obviously flawed as fuck, too much about money, to pay, or to even be able to start a case, and that there are even judges that are totally biased and unfair and unfit to do the job, we see that a LOT in the US as well, it's far worse there.

  3. The judge in the uk is a muppet and should be removed because he is biais because most of his family is envoled in this case

  4. Off topic: is it just me or do most of these judges of late have last names that ironically reflect on their mindset, characteristics, and or even their sense of judgement?? Example: judge Chupp=Chump from Vic's case.

  5. Hey there umbrella guy just tally reaching back at you Happy Thanksgiving belated I don't know but I don't wear makeup and if I did after everything else that would definitely not be L'Oreal I prefer a name brand a better brand Oil of Olay is the one thing that I've used on my face all my life and I'm 57 years old and I still model and people ask me if I'm in my early 30s and I got all over L'Oreal how could you put a face like hers on your cover who used your makeup to be deceitful and conniving to make it look like she was beat up trust me I know how to do such things my daughter is a makeup artist and a hair stylist and I'm a model with a good makeup Artistry under my belt so it's just too easy and I know too many people a lot of people that are saying screwing L'Oreal screw anything that has to do with a h I don't ever want to see her or hear about her in any movies in the future I have friendships and I will make sure they never see one or even know who is a ditch witches anyway sorry about that thanks you have a great weekend

  6. ThatUmbrellaGuy make a video about Murdoch the owner of the Sun and how he controls the media and the judge in Depp case. let's cause them problems. maybe you can make a video about all the wrong news that the Sun has made over the years and how this tabloid is untrastable, so is it's owner Murdoch and how Murdoch can contron the media and judges with money and he can turn a person from innocent to guilty and the opposite.

  7. This franchise is done and over with as far as I'm concerned. I love the HP world and movies, but now that they've made it clear they're happy to support an abuser, or at least turn a blind eye to it, and fire the abuse victim, I just don't even care to see what the next one is about.

  8. THINK
    ABOUT IT. Instead of Johnny Depp suing the English Sun Magazine, he
    didn’t think of the worst …. He shouldn’t do things that would involve
    justice, but he would go to another projection magazine and publish his
    innocence with photos and tell his version in the case Amber Heard. I
    think that one magazine publishing against the other would be smarter
    and smarter … I wouldn't have to spend millions on lawyers who didn't
    know how to publish their innocence, and failed. And the worst thing to
    do with justice has a bad impact if you lose, and losing morally can
    lose your acting career because of international bad reputation.

  9. Clever choice in Mads M. I don’t think anyone could attack him on an artistic level. He would have made an excellent Grindelwald had Johnny never been involved in creating the character however Johnny has put his stamp squarely on said character. It won’t be an easy switch for anyone to swallow. Sadly for Mads M , this is going to flop at the box office not only due to boycotting but also due to the dwindling footfall with covid. I wouldn’t be surprised if WB tries to lays the blame solely at the viruses feet continuing to ignore public outcry. Watch this space…

  10. All we can do is boycott AH, so no Warner brothers movies with her, no L’Oréal products since I get annoying amount of advertisements for it with her in it, and so on….
    And as for Johnny depp, support and find some good producers and writers so he can get some good new movies or series to act in again …or something absolutely awful he acts in and we all watch it anyway ….

  11. This is pure corruption , this judge nicol is connected to AH and her team , he should be disbarred for this , talk about rubbing salt in a victims wounds , my heart goes out to JD and other victims of DV coz you will not get any support or justice from our British system , god help you all

  12. You know there is One thing that I don't understand. Why doesn't Depp just have Heard charged with Domestic Abuse… I don't think it has past the statute of limitations yet… He obviously has the support. Anyway what a shame… An a class actor brought down by a B at Best actress… Lol

  13. As a Dane it’s fucking awesome and nice for mads mikkelsen to land this role. He is a top notch actor! But I just can’t be happy how he got the role..


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