Coronavirus: why you should stay home

Here’s an informative video on social distancing by a Dr Rohin from MedLifeCrisis:

I also highly recommend this site for understanding what the data we have:

And this video from 3Blue1Brown that explains the mathematics of exponential growth:

0:58 To find the fatality rates for different age groups, see:

1:05 ‘You are likely to spread it to 2-3 other people’ claim is based on the paper:

1:40 Death rates for underlying conditions quoted were based on this information:

2:51 ‘Number of official cases in the USA is likely to be a huge underestimate’ because of how few test have been administered. See Chart 8 on this page:

3:12 The statement “without drastic measures, the problem gets 10 times worse in a week” is based on the data in the graph below. The data from this graph comes from WHO’s official count. The slope of the lines in this graph determine how quick the so-called ‘doubling time’ is: the time till the problem is 2 times worse. You can see that initially, before much has been done, this slope is often consistent with a doubling time of less than 2 days, but it goes to between 2 and 3 days once a country is at least doing something, but has not imposed a lockdown on nonessential gatherings and closed schools etc. The USA (before the recommendation that just came out) had a doubling time of around 2 days (although it’s hard to say because of the testing situation mentioned below). That translates to the problem being 10 times worse in just under a week. In other places the doubling time was more like 2.5 days, in which case it’s 10 times worse in 8 days. Public awareness and bans on mass gatherings seem to help to bring the doubling time, usually to around 4 days. But when lockdowns are imposed it seems to get dramatically lower.

4:34 Flatten the curve infographic:

5:20 ‘350 thousand beds’ claim can be computed from these two sources:

5:32 ‘3-5% death rate in overwhelmed healthcare systems, and potentially much higher’ claim is from source:

6:00 The Washington Post simulation is available here:
As well as Kevin Simler’s playable simulation (highly recommended!):

8:09 Virus symptoms infographic:

8:24 ‘20%+ of infections from those who have no symptoms is based on this paper:

ONLINE RESOURCES FOR LEARNING (to keep you occupied): You can signup without putting in your credit card details to do the daily challenges. You can also try the first chapter of every one of their courses for free this way. At the moment they have a free trial that let’s you do everything on the site, but you will need a credit card for that one. Disclaimer, I’m going to start working for Brilliant soon, but they’ve not asked me to do this or anything- I just really like the site.

3blue1brown has a lot of fantastic videos and I’m sure you’ve seen them, but have you watched his whole linear algebra series? It’s a gem, and useful to know too!:

Socratica has beautiful in depth videos on all sorts of topics. I’m going to take this chance to follow their python course:

Science4All is run by the extremely likable Frenchman Dr. Lê Nguyên Hoang. Why not learn some general relativity? I know you’ve always wanted to:

Leonard Susskind’s Theoretical Minimum series:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thank you Le from Science4All for prompting me to make this video by pointing out how urgent this message is, and helping so much with the script. Thank you also to Josh Silverman for his many invaluable comments on the script that made this a much better video. Thank you Dr Rohin from MedLifeCrisis for offering to check the script even though he’s working so hard because of COVID19. And thank you to Dr M.K. for vetting the medical accuracy here. There are no doubt mistakes left, but those are all my own.


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28 responses to Coronavirus: why you should stay home

  1. I work in a school with 1400 students and 70 plus staff??? So 10 person limit…..ain't happening…but I get that we should try …if we can?

  2. Sound advice…but where’s the beef!

    Why should educated individuals need this talking to?

    Individuals should not require advice if they are knowledgeable about single strand DNA viruses, double strand DNA viruses, and RNA viruses…And if they had a good understanding of the functionality of their immune system, both the immune systems strengths and it’s vulnerabilities.

    This is like telling people not to go out into the sun without a hat and long sleeves and lathered with sunscreen. It’s only when people are really truly educated that the probability of doing the right things will increase. If a person is familiar with the photoelectric effect, and the possible effects of high energy photons on DNA…that is when they are likely to don a hat and lather on the sunscreen…or when they have ignored advice and peeled three times from a severe sunburn.

    Same goes for COVID.

    Advice to good people that lack education on a topic of concern is a waste of breath!

    For long term sustainability, educate, educate, educate!

    The news media made the same mistake, the media failed to educate, instead the media sensationalized, leading to conspiracy theories galore.

    U.S. senators were quoted as saying, “We can beat this. We are Americans. We are strong.”
    Great rhetoric, especially appealing to those that know next to nothing about ‘this’.

    Did I mention that education is the key to solving problems?

  3. 1:30 Well then THEY should stay home. You cant lock down All People because of some Vulnerable People. Vulnerable people should stay home, or in a bunker where they feel safe, and the rest should NOT.

  4. People around me: Oh this social distancing is sooo horrible to endure.
    Asperger me: Finally people are staying away from me.

  5. Hello ma'am!!! I'm new to your channel and one of your videos in which you explained that how you became a PHD student of quantum mechanics really inspired me….. I got distracted from my aim ( i.e. to be a physicist) but your video really helped. Thank you for inspiring me.
    BTW, Are you Indian?

  6. No wiser words have ever been spoken by a YouTuber, so thank you. I'll stay at home all right, but i'll admit it: it'd be a lot nicer if i had someone like you to share the lockdown with!

  7. If you are sick with COVID-19 or think you might have COVID-19, follow the steps below to care for yourself and to help protect other people in your home and community.
    Stay Safe @ home :

  8. The lock downs will kill more people than the virus would. The elites are fully exploiting it to consolidate power and destroy the middle class.

  9. Everyone don't listen to her she is a woman they are naturally emotional.. let us get the economy back on track. Dismantling the stability of numerous countries due to a virus less lethal than the flu is insane.


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