corona break the walls down 03-04-2020

We made this short film series while being in zero direct contact with each other. While the world was being conquered by the corona virus, our Kerala wasn’t an exception to the lockdowns that followed. This is the brainchild of a bunch of people who were forced to sit at home. The series revolves around the frustration faced by the folks who are locked in their home. The first episode was released on march 23rd. The dialogues and the related how-tos were written down and shared, the videos were taken in a mobile phone, and the editing was done as the videos were received so as to make it look as if it’s happening in a single room. The director was nothing more than a hub and no formal technicalities were involved in the shooting.
This is the first of its kind short film and we’re proud of being its creators. Vanitha online encouraged this new initiative while others ignored it, but now we’re glad to say that we’ve been an inspiration to many others.
A short film featuring Amithabh Bacchan, Mammooty and Mohanlal was recently released and it was taken up by the media. Perhaps, due to the conventional ideologies of the media we’re forced to shout out again and again that we’re the ones who started it. No one considered this as a revolutionary step during lockdown. This format opens up many avenues and perhaps even full length future films might be shot this way in the future. This is a prime example of how the internet has brought us together as a global community and the enormous organisational capabilities it offers us.
The beautiful fact that the internet could act as a solution for not just socio-economic-humanitarian problems but also act as an all-in-one portal for artists, holds tremendous potential in itself and if combined with modern technologies like green-mat which can thread backgrounds and facial expression together, it will surely yield impressive results. If implemented the right way this opens up a possibility of making a work-from-home format for film making, and if it’s ever taken up by mainstream films, we’re proud of being the ones to create it.


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