[AVO002] Angular vs React discussion with Duc Hoang

In this broadcast, Duc Hoang and I will discuss the difference in our implementation using Angular and React for the same application. This is to pick out the pros and cons of each technology in order to empower teams and individuals with more knowledge to pick the right tools for their future projects.

The demo application contains more real-world use-cases rather than just a Todo application.

Link Angular repo:
Link React repo:

Nguồn: https://gizmondolive.com/

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3 responses to [AVO002] Angular vs React discussion with Duc Hoang

  1. Công nhận React khá dễ hiểu. Mình dev Angular, chưa từng đụng tới React nhưng nghe bác Hoàng chia sẻ tới đâu là hiểu tới đó luôn. Thanks hai bác đã chia sẻ <3


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