At the Age of 11, Sulli Debuted Through "Ballad of Seodong" [E-news Exclusive Ep 131]

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38 responses to At the Age of 11, Sulli Debuted Through "Ballad of Seodong" [E-news Exclusive Ep 131]

  1. This world is too cruel for a special and beautiful person inside and out as you, Sulli. I really miss you, your smiles, your laughs…Thanks to you now I am an Uaena for IU and I support her as I supported you. I hope one day we’ll see again. Resti in Peace Sulli.

    Despite I have Moonbyul as Ultimate Bias it isn’t the same as with her before. However now she’s gone I see positive message as should have ever been and there were absent before or not shown…When she was alive there were in majority negative comments.

  2. It’s so sad that she got bullied for speaking about women rights, about how bad a bra is for girls and all she got was hate. I wish I knew her at the time. Rest well sulli

  3. She was so adorable as a kid, and even as she grew up. And her smile really warms my heart but saddens it at the same time due to what happened later on in her life. Just can't believe this innocent person went through so much hell to the point she took her own life 😢

  4. Por que Deus permitiu seus ida se as mundo assim? Porque não a trataram com respeito? Eu conheci ela no dorama To The Beautiful mais não imaginava que isso iria ter acontecido com alguém que me fez ter a personalidade que eu tenho hj foi através dela que eu consegui sair de uma depressão……me pergunto se Deus cuida dela como cuida do meu pai lá no céu diferente da sulli que não merecia isso meu pai era ruim mais eu o amava mais ela….Não merecia ter sofrido tanto agora pff Deus cuide dela e a trate bem pfff te agradeço por ter conhecido ela como artista obrigado por todos os anos que ela esteve com nosco na terra e agora no céu

  5. Everyone who doesn't know K-pop's truth, thinks K-pop's so innocent and cute. The truth, there's a darkside to K-pop. Ya, on the outside, there's a smile, beautiful makeup, amazing outfits, the list goes on and on. But on the inside, there's tears. I hope you're happy with Jonghyun right now. We will never forget you. We love you two. Farewell Sulli, farewell Jonghyun.

  6. Omg she was so talented 😔 since childhood ,oh lord plz let her rest in peace 🙏😔 I dont know much about her but just came to kno next day of her news spread on insta coz I love Korean products 😔 plz dont spread or comment hatred artist/ actors are also human 😔🙏 just ignore if u dont like !

  7. Every little thing she did people the haters bash her. She is a true victim of cyber bullying. I am so sad she was broken until she have to take her own life.

  8. She success in acting or singing..she got brightest natural smile n not plastic(fact:many koreans do plastic surgery).. So basically they hate her because they are loser in everything, broke, ugly or plastic..

  9. people nowadays *

    idol : commit suicide
    people on the internet : in chaos, make tons of dedication videos

    meanwhile *
    thousands of innocent people were killed everyday without their own will or consent.
    people on the internet, world leaders, celebrities : ………..


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