Ashraf Ghani: How to fix broken states

Ashraf Ghani’s passionate and powerful 10-minute talk, emphasizing the necessity of both economic investment and design ingenuity to rebuild broken states, is followed by a conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson on the future of Afghanistan.

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25 responses to Ashraf Ghani: How to fix broken states

  1. This Guy Ruined The Whole Country He Is the Puppets Of AMERICA 🇺🇸 he Is Racist And
    His Plans Were Devideing the country From north west to south east Afghanistan

  2. Every point he made in this speech has been proven wrong. After being in Afghanistan for 12 years, I can say he knew nothing about the average Afghan when he made this speech. His theories have proven wrong.

  3. Judging from his lack luster leadership in afghanistan the title should have been "how to break a broken state even more". He is the biggest terrorist in that country, or perhaps its a close tie with his so called "brothers", the taliban.

  4. This guy is one of the worst leader in Afghanistan's history. He has done NOTHING to fix the country and in fact promoted warlords and rapist (e.g. Abdul Rashid Dostum) to the highest positions in the government/military in order to get the votes of certain minorities. He is nothing but an absolute fake. At least during Karzai's rule, the corruption and money reached the average person and the country was far more stable than the dozens of bombs that take place on a daily basis now. With this fucking clown in power, the average person is getting poorer while the corrupt human waste in his cabinet steal millions of donated/aid dollars to splash out on lavish lifestyles. A recent example being code 91. His cabinet is literally stealing money from emergency funds to pay for "rent". Ashraf Ghani should just stick to his textbooks because he has achieved nothing in practical terms.


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