Apple iPhone 9 – Here It Is!!

The apple iphone 9 is finally coming and it looks incredible!

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the apple iphone 9 or the iphone se 2 has been talked about for some time and we’re finally where we expect it to launch. All eyes are on apple tomorrow as leaks point towards a surprise launch of the iphone 9 showcasing the budget friendly device. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch & price of the apple iphone 9 along with an official unboxing and hands on video.

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50 responses to Apple iPhone 9 – Here It Is!!

  1. i'm getting a new iphone in july and i have no clue which iphone to get. should i get the iphone11 or this new iphone? i like larger phones with modern features such as face id and good quality cameras since i am into photography.

  2. iPhone SE2 will Have Faster TouchID in killer idea Via Software and Hardware Software in killer idea. And Battery Software Updates. Work even iPhone 11 and 12. Work.

  3. I do care for a look of iphone and i dont buy it this old style phone in 2020 and to keep it for 5 years until 2025 couse its poor look and no changes at all lets say iphone 8 , If im on the bus and i pull this phone from my pocket NONE will say LOOK THAT SHINE FINISH PHONE , but instead none will pay attention and will eather now or have idea this its new release phone from this year .Apple iphone its just a name from now on and please dont buy this iphone from them, just couse they sell to the customers that what they like without taking customer in consideration and dont make to sell to as what we really want.. Sorry apple buy this its true and hope this message goes thru

  4. Apple haters be like “iPhones are too expensive” *Apple releases $400 phone*. Haters: “well I mean uhhhh ….. shit it’s a scam I know it” 😂😂😂😂


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