AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations

In this video Paul Andersen explains the importance of models and visual representations in an AP Biology class. Science practices are overarching skills and knowledge required to be successful in an AP Biology classroom. Models for each of the four big science ideas are included. According to the new curriculum students should be able to create, describe, refine, reexpress and use models. Sample test questions are included for each of the five sub practices.

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36 responses to AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations

  1. At approximately minute 5:10 Mr. Anderson explains the solution to the first model and representations problem as the shifting of the entire distribution from left to right. However, this could not be correct because the new/shifted graph would represent an increase in darker organisms/beetles that previously did not exist in the population. There is only a shift to an increase in number of dark beetles that already existed – not any shift to new darker beetles. The beetles did not become darker than they were before So the graph doesn't shift it just becomes taller and thinner on the right side of the graph. This kind of mistake is frequent in evolutionary biology and I would humbly appreciate an explanation for this. Thank you very much for your videos.

  2. Someone please drop an answer key for these worksheets, I don’t want to do this and it’s all due tomorrow :/

  3. My test is in 2 months but I've already started reviewing materials. You've helped me so much this year with your videos. As much as I make it a priority to strategically read the book, it gets difficult at times but your videos make them so clear and engaging. I hope you know you are deeply appreciated. My study plan is reviewing by re-watching all your videos and going over my notes. I'm also using the AP Exam book to go over the big concept. I find doing practice tests very effective and would highly recommend other AP students to do the same.

  4. 11:49 loved the vid but it pains me to hear Watson and Crick get all the credit when they really stole Rosalind Franklin's work 

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    The loss traces the fear.
    When does the rural rub further the sister?
    The laugh upgrades the volatile liquid.

  6. The operon image in this video was created by and donated to Wikipedia one of my AP Biology students last year as a final exam project. Thanks for these videos they help my students a lot. The project and all the student work is on Wikipedia at: WP:APBAPST

  7. I thought I knew what it was like (and I kind of did) but it's good to know that what I thought I knew isn't how it ACTUALLY is… But I still think of it in simplistic terms… even during shuffling… Can I think of it in more complicated terms without losing the simplicity?

  8. That's weird. Way back (when it first was introduced) it used to work. But since several months it doesn't anymore. This is the first time I heard that the feature isn't actually broken. When I click on any of the options, nothing changes at all. I'm using Firefox 18.0.1 and I'm viewing from the video page, not your channel.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I can change the speed by clicking on settings (the gear) below the video. However this only works when I am watching it on a watch page, rather than a channel page. It also could be a browser issue. Hope this helps.

  10. How do you speed up the videos? Are you downloading them and speed them up offline or do you use the YT player feature?
    Because if it's the latter, that option somehow does nothing for me. Videos stay the same speed no matter what I click.

  11. According to the internet I still get beat by Harry Styles of One Direction. His interviews can handle 2x and sound fairly normal. Best of luck on the exam.

  12. Canada doesn't AP Biology so i'm finding this information very interesting, hopefully it'll help in university level biology


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