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This vlog explains “7 Strategies to Restart Hotels & Resorts”,

Thomas Bobit is a Digital Marketing Specialist and owner of Ormeon IT Consulting. He speaks about 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels to restart business in this New Era.

1. Communicate updated latest information to clients.
2. Create different campaigns for different clients.
3. Market to loyal customers.
4. Improve online review strategy.
5. Search keyword strategy.
6. Audit your marketing assets.
7. Update local listing.

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7 responses to 7 Strategies to Restart Hotels & Resorts| Digital Marketing| Tourism| Thomas Bobit|

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Bobit is a great guy who was possibly born on the internet and strongly believes in changing people's life for good!!. Humble personality. Thank you Shailesh for hosting him

  2. Great information Shailesh! @Bobit Thomas is a great resourceful person. He is very knowledgeable and a great human being.

  3. Very well explained… Thanks and looking for more detail on free CRM s, free dash boards on social media performances, resubmissions, effective tags, apps for free digital designing etc etc


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