5 Steps to Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing / #MarketingMinute 145 (Branding)

“5 Simple Steps to Building Your Brand Using Social Media”
There are five straightforward steps to improving your social media branding:
1. Determine your target audiences and what types of content interest them the most.
2. Choose the one or two or three best platforms to reach those audiences.
3. Create content that is both (a) relevant to your various target audiences’ needs and (b) tailored to the social media platforms you’re using.
4. Connect with your audiences and start building communities.
5. Stay active by posting and interacting on a consistent basis.

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6 responses to 5 Steps to Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing / #MarketingMinute 145 (Branding)

  1. I really enjoyed the way these five steps were articulated. There were many essential points provided that I never would have considered, such as building a target audience beyond your customers, along with the concept that the community you build does not only belong to you, but the members of the community. I also liked the idea of meeting your audience's wants and needs without sacrificing your integrity and using the tools available to you. I really enjoy the ability that social media has for building communities where the possibilities of connections are endless. Thank you for this video!

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  3. That was so well articulated thank you so much for being as thorough as you were. Extremely informative.


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