4 Steps To Powerful Marketing And Selling | Interview with Rajesh Srinivasan

Ashish Janiani (Life & Sales Coach, Founder of MotivationalDiaries.com) interviews Rajesh Srinivasan- author of two Amazon Best-sellers, one of which is discussed in the video. He is known as the Marketing Evangelist by the Sales and Marketing Community. Mr. Srinivasan is an IIM Lucknow Alumni and he calls himself an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer.
In this video, Mr. Srinivasan gives an insight into the Marketing world for budding Entrepreneurs and Startups & Small Businesses.


Ashish Janiani is a 26+ country PRISM certified transformational coach, soft skills expert, and sales leader with 14+ years of experience in management training, consulting and business expansions.

He runs an ISO 9001:2015 certified training institute named MotivationalDiaries.com. He has personally conducted over 700+ trainings across 25 cities in India and with over 25,000 people expertising in sales, stress management, presentation skills, people management, company culture, staff gossips, anxiety, fear, attitude, time management and leadership.

In addition, he also mentors individuals, business owners and organizations across verticals to help them reach their business and personal goals through exclusive one on one coaching sessions.
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