4 Inspiring TINY CABINS to surprise you 🌄

Hi and welcome to a new episode of tiny prefab houses. Today we visit four tiny houses located in several countries from Estonia to Tasmania.
Unique minimalist architecture as well as locations.
Such tiny houses are already favorable by weekend travelers and people willing to disconnect from the world.

Hope you enjoy and like this episode of tiny houses! 😏

In this video:
0:00​​ ➤ Intro
0:17​ ➤ Nature Villa by b210 architects
2:37​​ ➤ Bruny Island Hideaway by Maguire and Devine Architects
Production by newmac.co
4:59​​ ➤ Getaway cabins
6:20​​ ➤ Space of mind by Studio Puisto

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11 responses to 4 Inspiring TINY CABINS to surprise you 🌄

  1. Perfect shelter for the weekend, select yours 😉 Which one is your favorite?
    I would go for the one in Tasmania just not sure about cross leg position all the time 😀

  2. В глухом лесу стоит домик. Без забора и какого-либо ограждения. С огромными окнами. Какие-нибудь беглые заключённые, разбив камнем окно, станут новыми хозяевами этого прекрасного чуда.

  3. Сохранили каждую берёзку, сделав дом из термоясеня))

  4. I agree with you, Adam, definitely luvv the layout, location & design of #2, but it would surely have chairs, sofas & deck furniture if it were mine, lol… luv the recessed tub in the exterior deck & simplistic upper loft. Especially appreciate all the different types of wooden finishes with minimalist fen shua. Clearly, a very Smart Design Home. Thanx 4 sharing Goomba!!


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