2. What are the different kinds of marketing strategies? – Intro to the Growth Equation | Kraftshala

A marketer’s role is all about delivering business growth.

And there are only 3-4 broad ways of growing businesses.

We have summarised this into a framework that we call the Growth Equation! The video introduces this proprietary Kraftshala framework through numerous examples.

This is the 2nd video in the 8-part series on Reverse Marketing. Here is the link of the playlist:

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Links to ads shown in the video:

1. Cadbury Campaign –
2. Spice Jet Campaign –

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3 responses to 2. What are the different kinds of marketing strategies? – Intro to the Growth Equation | Kraftshala

  1. Very interesting! This made me think..for the Jio introductory pricing, since the market is extremely competitive with big players like Airtel and Vodafone, will it not lead to Jio losing on consumers due to such pricing strategy? Also, will this not come under the strategy domain than marketing?

  2. Thanks for explaining with examples, I think I understand that the growth equation better from a marketing lens. I just have one question – how do you connect this with brands that do not have an immediate business metric linked to their marketing campaigns but may have the liberty to design campaigns that are aimed to move the brand metrics rather. For example, a new brand launch – going for primary level awareness in a cluttered category so that it can later create campaigns at a later stage that can help gain business objectives better? Essentially the key question is – should we also link ads to marketing objectives also, rather than business objectives only!

  3. Well, agree if business objective is not well defined, all the efforts can fall flat, but can we really stick to one /few business objective, or can we keep switching? Do consumer get confused if we switch? Can we run parallel campaigns? And how quick can we switch from one to another.


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