10 Tips for Transitioning Natural Hair

Hey Lovelies!! We have seen it all when it comes to our hair. We have been through nearly any transition type there is: big chop, heat/color damage, relaxed you name it! Here’s our transitioning tips. Whether we’ve transitioned from relaxed to natural or just nursing damaged hair back to health, these are the top 10 things that have helped us survive the transition.

1. Patience.
2. Stop damaging activities
3. Low maintenance styling
4. Plan your wash routine
5. Trim Regularly
6. Detangle gently
7. Pay attention to product ingredients
8. Condition & treat hair regularly
9. Habits/Behavior above products (Don’t be a product junkie)
10. Love your Locks!!!

For product ingredients click the link below

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20 responses to 10 Tips for Transitioning Natural Hair

  1. am i wrong for getting a hard on watching these hair videos? Why doesn't she just get some creamy crack. Ill do anything for that creamy crack hair. Fucking love it. The way it swings around and how it smells. MMM. I speak for all men.

  2. I remember the first time I came across this video before I big chopped. I wanted Whitney's hair so bad! Almost two years later and I'm watching this again with similar hair to Whitney's in this video ! 😍

  3. if anyone who wants have a try of now hair, why not choose this company? there link: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/639671

  4. Love both of your curls! Gorgeous! Check out my everyday, low maintenance style here https://youtu.be/t4169SYq2g4 🙂

  5. I have coolie hair I havent put heat on it for 7-8 months now and what youve said is exactly what i do good video.

  6. my hair is relaxed and I want to transition to natural but I have not relaxed it now for like 2 months now so can I please know what products to use on my hair.Thanks

  7. I'm transitioning without the big chop, my hair is oober hard all the time. How do I soften it and make it bouncy. Any product recommendations?

  8. I'm so frustrated because I've been natural for 3 years going on 4 and can't do ANYTHING to it. No wash and go no twist out nothing 🙁 I've been wearing sew ins mostly to get to this point and have some heat damage so. I'm working on that but nothing works. 🙁 can't style it or shape it I'm so sad

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